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Easy leasing company accepts Sapphirecoin!

We have today agreed to introduce a new payment instrument with SapphireCoin.

From August 2018, Easy Leasing will be able to pay for SPH services on a cryptocurrency louvage.

The cryptocurrency has become more and more popular, and we’ve decided to introduce Sapphire Coin to the crypto fans. Sapphire Coin is currently in the phase of ICO. Sapphire Coin wallet can be accessed on the website.

Investing in units is protected by Level 1 license from PayApi Escrow LTD:

An agreement with a secure payment service provider (PayApi Escrow Ltd) has been concluded to protect investors and unit sales as well as unit sales. This company coordinates and monitors the sale of units and holds funds in its own right for as long as the required objectives are met.

The deposit of ICO ensures that, if the minimum funding targets are not met, investors will reliably recover their funds from the third party (the repayment amount is 100% of the investment, minus the payment processing fees of 3%). Read more about the depositary company.

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